erica dreisbach

web designer + developer


I'm a freelance web designer and developer based in Chicago, working on projects from all over the US. I've built websites for clients in New York, Portland (Oregon), Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, South Carolina, and here in Chicago.

My obsessive email habit plus phone or Skype conferences as needed combine for an optimal remote working relationship.

I'm also available for on-site work in Chicago and Evanston. Especially if you have coffee.

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Strong Front‑End Development Skills

HTML / HTML5  •  CSS / CSS3 / SASS  •  PHP  •  jQuery / Javascript  •  Wordpress  •  Bootstrap  •  Photoshop / Illustrator  •  responsive / mobile  •  SEO  •  HTML email

Working Knowledge

Git  •  Grunt  •  Drupal  •  Ajax  •  Foundation  •  SquareSpace  •  Handlebars  •  Bower  •  MVC

Currently Learning

Python  •  Ruby  •  Laravel  •  Django

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WEBSITES and counting!

Wanna Work Together?

Ok read this part first!

Clients Who Are the Best Fit

  • small web development firms who hire me as a subcontractor
  • mission‑driven businesses
  • large nonprofits with decent budgets and strong project managers

If you're in this category, please get in touch right away! I think we'd be a great match and I'd love to hear about your project.

Clients Who Are the Worst Fit

  • corporations
  • work that comes via recruiters
  • startups or solo practitioners who find this site via Google search while looking for the best low‑cost option

If you're a profiteer or a recruiter you're welcome to make your pitch, but I'm unlikely to write back. It's not personal. I'm saving us from myself. I recommend asking around for personal recommendations for good web developers, or reaching out to the people who built the best‑in‑class websites of your competitors.

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