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I'm a freelance web designer and developer based in Chicago, working on projects from all over the US. I've coded for clients in New York, Portland (Oregon), Boston, San Francisco, Wilmington, and here in Chicago.

My obsessive email habit plus phone or Skype conferences as needed combine for an optimal remote working relationship.

I'm also available for on-site work in Chicago and the northern suburbs along the Union Pacific North (UP‑N) Metra. Especially if you have coffee.


Erica Dreisbach | Where has she worked? Chicago: Grazie Vermont: Sugar Glen Farm Boston: Savory Living Upstate NY: Acelero NYC: SAI NJ: Acelero Wilmington Ballet Academy of the Dance Portland: Merit System Services/Nearby Registry San Francisco: Clarisse Thorn LA: Casey Gunschel



  • CSS/CSS3
  • jQuery/Javascript
  • Photoshop/Illustrator
  • PHP, ColdFusion
  • adaptive (mobile) design
  • Wordpress, Bootstrap
  • Flash AS2/AS3
  • HTML email
  • vector art
  • working knowledge of SVN, Git, and SASS
Sentegrity | Wordpress/Bootstrap design and development by Erica Dreisbach Government Energy Management | Wordpress design and development by Erica Dreisbach WellTrail | Wordpress mobile development by Erica Dreisbach Casey Gunscheul | adaptive mobile web design by Erica Dreisbach Grazie | Wordpress theme development Erica Dreisbach Wilmington Ballet Academy of the Dance | Design + Coding by Erica Dreisbach Savory Living | Web Design + Development by Erica Dreisbach Clarisse Thorn | Web Design + Development for Wordpress by Erica Dreisbach Sugar Glen Farm | web design and development by Erica Dreisbach Social Accountability International | CSS implementation by Erica Dreisbach Nearby Registry | CSS work by Erica Dreisbach Acelero | CSS implementation by Erica Dreisbach


“I strongly recommend Erica - truly a pleasure to work with.”

—Mark Gorney
Government Energy Management

“Any time I need freelance help with front-end coding, Erica is always my first call.”

—Joe Schmitt
New Control

“We are delighted with the artistic flair and functionality of Erica's design!”

—Kathryn Wegner
Wilmington Ballet Academy of the Dance

“Erica is wonderfully friendly, flexible, and on top of her game!”

—Lydia Laurenson
Digital Marketing & Communications Professional

“Erica is extremely bright, and a gifted artist. She did exceptional work on our website.”

—Deborah Nelson
Social Venture Network

“Erica is responsive, detail oriented, and provides high quality work.”

—Nick Gleason
CitySoft Inc.


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